Limonada. Mi primer QR para DUMMIES.

Dirección Bitcoin dibujada.

«Limonada. Mi primer QR para DUMMIES» .gif .mp4

Dirección Bitcoin dibujada. PoS ? NFT ?

** DINERO DURO, cuaderno cuadriculado, lapicero.

*** «Himno de mi Corazón» Miguel Abuelo.

«Limonada. Mi primer QR para DUMMIES» .gif
«Limonada. Mi primer QR para DUMMIES» .mp4

Bitácora. Andres Lopera. ALArte. Colombia. ArteVivo.

20 Enero 2022


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Publish0x – Bloggin

Da y gana recompensas en criptomonedas por leer y publicar artículos de tu interés.

«Crypto powered blogging platform» – «Plataforma de blog con tecnología criptográfica».

Da y gana recompensas en criptomonedas por leer y publicar artículos de tu interés.


La palabra “blog” nace de la contracción “web log”, traducido al español como bitácora web.

Palabras derivadas de “blog” son, por ejemplo:

  • blogger o bloguero: escritor/autor del blog.
  • bloguear o blogging: acción de publicar mensajes en un blog.
  • Blogósfera: término acuñado por Wiliam Quick para referirse al conjunto de blogs que se agrupan de acuerdo a algún criterio como la localidad o la temática.

El blogging es una herramienta más de Inbound Marketing que nos ayuda (entre otras cosas) a difundir información de interés tanto para nuestros usuarios como para los potenciales.

Registrate con mi link de referido: alarte

Más info:

Registro Blockchain. Prueba de Autor.

Es una forma on-line de bajo costo para que mi trabajo aparezca vinculado a mi cuenta. Como una prueba de autor.

Hola ¡¡¡

Esto NO es un NFT (Non Fungible Token).

Lo he registrado en WAVES Blockchain usando Signature Chain + IPFS.

Es una forma on-line de bajo costo para que mi trabajo aparezca vinculado a mi cuenta. Como una prueba de autor.

En este caso: Prueba de Certificación PoC en Ver aquí.

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A Cyberpunk Manifesto / Un Manifiesto Ciberpunk English. Español.

Cyberpunk Manifesto / Manifiesto Ciberpunk English. Español.


English – Español

A Cyberpunk Manifesto

By Christian As. Kirtchev

We are the ELECTRONIC MINDS, a group of free-minded rebels. Cyberpunks.

We live in Cyberspace, we are everywhere, we know no boundaries.

This is our manifest. The Cyberpunks’ manifest.

I. Cyberpunk

1/ We are those, the Different. Technological rats, swimming in the ocean of information. 2/ We are the retiring, little kid at school, sitting at the last desk, in the corner of the classroom. 3/ We are the teenager everybody considers strange 4/ We are the student hacking computer systems, exploring the depth of his reach. 5/ We are the grown-up in the park, sitting on a bench, laptop on his knees, programming the last virtual reality. 6/ Ours is the garage, stuffed with electronics. The soldering iron in the corner of the desk and the nearby disassembled radio- they are also ours. Ours is the cellar with computers, buzzing printers and beeping modems. 7/ We are those that see reality in a different way. Our point of view shows more than ordinary people can see. They see only what is outside, but we see what is inside. That’s what we are – realists with the glasses of dreamers. 8/ We are those strange people, almost unknown to the neighborhood. People, indulged in their own thoughts, sitting day after day before the computer, ransacking the net for something. We are not often out of home, just from time to time, only to go to the nearby radio shack, or to the usual bar to meet some of the few friends we have, or to meet a client, or to the backstreet druggist… or just for a little walk. 9/ We do not have many friends, only a few with whom we go to parties. Everybody else we know we know on the net. Our real friends are there, on the other side of the line. We know them from our favorite IRC channel, from the News-Groups, from the systems we hang-around: 10/ We are those who don’t give a shit about what people think about us, we don’t care what we look like or what people talk about us in our absence. 11/ The majority of us likes to live in hiding, being unknown to everybody except those few we must inevitably contact with. 12/ Others love publicity, they love fame. They are all known in the underground world. Their names are often heard there. But we are all united by one thing – we are Cyberpunks.

13/ Society does not understand us, we are «weird» and «crazy» people in the eyes of the ordinary people who live far from information and free ideas. Society denies our way of thinking – a society, living, thinking and breathing in one and only one way – a clichc. 14/ They deny us for we think like free people, and free thinking is forbidden. 15/ The Cyberpunk has outer appearance, he is no motion. Cyberpunks are people, starting from the ordinary and known to nobody person, to the artist-technomaniac, to the musician, playing electronic music, to the superficial scholar. 16/ The Cyberpunk is no literature genre anymore, not even an ordinary subculture. The Cyberpunk is a stand-alone new culture, offspring of the new age. A culture that unites our common interests and views. We are a unit. We are Cyberpunks.

II. Society

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Registro en Blockchain

Registro en Blockchain.

Declaracion de Copyright o Registro de Derechos de autor en Blockchain.

Registro en la red de WAVES y la aplicacion que usa el token SIGN.



BY 3PAB1jEyfAM7EwBwRSzTbD4mR2rr8XPm5Jm

Gilets Jaunes et BTC-Andres Lopera-2019-35×50

Sat Sep 05 2020 11:05:55 GMT-0500 (hora estándar de Colombia)

File Hash:


#9 Estudio Bodegón «Mango» 3. Clase de Artes. Dibujo y Pintura… Directo / Stream

9 Estudio Bodegón «Mango» 3. Clase de Artes. Dibujo y Pintura… Directo / Stream
Fabio Andres Lopera A.

9 #Estudio #Bodegón «Mango» 3. #Clase de #Artes. #Dibujo y #Pintura… #Directo / #Stream

Fabio Andres Lopera A.


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